What Is Social Selling? Everything You Need To Know

Payments 26 July 2021
What Is Social Selling? Everything You Need To Know

You’re probably reading this blog on your phone, aren’t you? Well, you’re not alone. Over two thirds of UK adults access their news and information online.

To say that people are addicted to social media is a little extreme, but the figures speak for themselves. 66% of UK adults are active social media users with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube being the so called ‘big 4’.

When people aren’t scrolling, they are willing to part with their cash with 81% of the population considering themselves ‘digital shoppers’ and over half shopping exclusively on the phones. If only there was a place where news, shopping and people’s thumbs all lived together in perfect harmony. Yes, you guessed it – social media.

What is social selling?

Social selling is when a business uses social media to sell their products directly to customers. However, social selling doesn’t actually involve any traditional ‘sales’ techniques. Instead, businesses use social media tools to build brand awareness and build ‘soft’ relationships with potential customers.

Is social selling right for my business?

If your business already sells physical products online, then social selling could present a massive opportunity to reach more customers. If your business sells ‘services’, then social selling becomes about growing your channels to showcase your work and brand personality to drive inbound sales enquiries.

How to sell products on Facebook

Facebook has 50.6 million users in the UK, with 74% of all users accessing the platform daily. This should be fertile ground for SMEs, but a recent poll found that 6 in 10 UK businesses still don’t use social media to boost their customer base or sell products.

So, what do you need to do to get your share of customer bounty that your competitors are missing out on?

  • Set up a dedicated business page on Facebook
  • Connect your existing e-commerce platform provider (e.g., Shopify or BigCommerce)
  • Set up your preferred payment method
  • Create engaging posts on your page that link back to your online site
  • Promote your Facebook page and encourage existing customers to engage Explore Facebook advertising

Facebook Shops

In May 2020 Facebook launched Facebook Shops. This new feature – developed in response to huge demand – allows businesses to easily set up an online store on Facebook for free. Facebook Shops allows you to connect with your customers through WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger giving you flexibility to communicate with people their way.

How to sell products on Instagram

‘I saw it on Instagram’ is the new ‘I Googled it’ and it’s not surprising why. 54% of the 30+ million UK Instagram users access the platform multiple times a day. The impact of Instagram on consumers is sometimes difficult to quantify. However, the latest research suggests that 70% of users turn to Instagram to discover new products and 87% say that influencers inspire them to buy.

How do you set your business up to sell on Instagram?

  • Convert your standard Instagram profile to a business one
  • Support organic posts & campaigns with hashtag research
  • Explore Instagram advertising
  • Explore influencer networks and high value customers

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows you to share your featured products with followers and potential customers on feed posts, stories and within Instagram’s Search & Explore feature. When someone taps your product in your story, they’ll be taken to a product description page where they will see:

  • The product price, image and description of the product from your post
  • A link that takes the user directly to your online store or website

Can I sell products on other social media platforms?

The opportunities to reach new customers through social media are endless and a little daunting. You can socially sell on any platform but it’s important to use the channels that are right for your business. When you’ve mastered the dark arts of Facebook and Instagram selling, you could investigate the more niche aspects of social selling using WhatsApp Business or YouTube.

Pick the right payment service provider

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