Moneff Cashback Terms and Conditions

Version published: 01 February 2024

1. Supplementary Terms and Conditions

1.1. These terms (the “Cashback Terms”, “Terms”) between

  • you, individual Moneff customer or applicant for an individual Moneff Account and 
  • Moneff, we, us (Safenetpay ApS, a Danish limited company with CVR 40860320, registered office at Vesterbrogade 74, 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark, authorised and regulated by the Danish Financial Supervision Authority (Finanstilsynet), with FT ID 40510) 

establish the rules that apply to granting cashback for Moneff Eligible Card Transactions, as defined below ("Cashback Promotion"). 

1.2. These Cashback Terms supplement and should be read in conjunction with Moneff Terms and Conditions and Moneff Card Terms. By receiving cashback you agree that these Cashback Terms will apply.

2. Transactions to which Cashback Applies

2.1. Participating Moneff customers will be able to receive 2% cashback of the transaction amount for transactions initiated through physical and virtual cards (excluding transactions falling under specific codes (see below). The maximum aggregate amount of cashback irrespective of the number of transactions is limited to EUR 50 per calendar month.

2.2. Please note that there are certain excluded card transactions that are not eligible for cashback. The list of such excluded transactions with reference to their Mastercard codes (Merchant Category Codes, MCC codes) is available here. We reserve the right to change the list from time to time in our sole discretion and without a prior specific notice. We encourage you to check the list from time to time in order to be sure that your planned transaction is eligible for cashback.

2.3. Merchants are allocated a specific code based on the type of goods or services they sell or offer - MCC (Merchant Category Code). While we use the MCC codes to determine whether you can earn cash back on a transaction, we do not control what type of code a merchant is allocated by Mastercard. So, in some cases, a merchant might sell something that at first seems eligible for cashback, but because of the merchant’s category code, the transaction will not be eligible for cashback.

2.4. For clarity,if your transaction has one of the excluded Mastercard codes (please see above) cashback may not be granted. Thus, if the card transaction is a transfer to another account (for example, a bank account), e-wallet or payment card without an underlying purchase, the cashback will not be granted.

2.5. We are not in a position and do not undertake to give you cashback when doing so would break any laws or regulations.

2.6. This Cashback Promotion is time limited and the cashback rate offered hereunder or as per the Schedule will apply until 1 March 2024. After this time, the Cashback Promotion will be deemed extended for another month unless and until we publish an announcement of its cancellation on the Moneff website. Notwithstanding that, we may change the cashback parameters at our sole discretion without any specific notice.

3. How You Can Take Part in Moneff Cashback Promotion

3.1. In order to take part and be eligible for cashback, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • being an individual aged 18 or over;
  • holding a Moneff Account (as defined in Moneff Terms and Conditions) for individual customers. If you hold a Moneff Account this by implication means you have passed our CDD (KYC) checks and were onboarded as a customer. For clarity, customers holding corporate Moneff Accounts are not eligible to participate;
  • your Moneff Account is not restricted or suspended; 

3.2. The above list of criteria may be changed at our sole discretion.

4. Granting and Crediting Cashback

4.1. Due to the fact that card transactions require time to go through processing and acquiring, the pending cashback will be allocated to you at the time a transaction is completed, not at the time it is initiated. Please bear in mind that this may cause discrepancies in the amounts of the cashback awarded in a particular month. In such cases the remainder will be carried forward to the next calendar month.

4.2. Moneff will credit the cashback amount into your Moneff Account (the balance of which is also available through your Moneff card) within 10 days from the end of a calendar month following the month in which the cashback amount was granted. Until crediting to your Moneff Account the cashback will be pending.

5. Cashback Amount and Limits

5.1. The maximum amount of cashback you can earn is equal to fifty euros (EUR 50) per calendar month.

5.2. You acknowledge and agree that we will not be bound to pay you any amount in excess of the above-mentioned monthly limit.

5.3. If we change the cashback limit, the new cashback limit will be applied not earlier than the month following the month in which such a change took place.

5.4. Moneff may in its sole discretion set a minimum transaction value eligible for cashback. This will be reflected in these Cashback Terms or communicated to you via available channels of communication.

5.5 If your cashback for a transaction has a decimal of a Euro cent, the amount will be rounded down to the nearest full Euro cent.

6. Cashback recall

6.1. We reserve the right to recall or recover the cashback granted in cases where:

  • the card payment that earned the cashback is refunded to you through a chargeback or otherwise
  • it turns out, or we have reasoned grounds to believe, that you earned the cashback fraudulently
  • you attempt to receive the cashback in violation of Moneff Terms and Conditions, Moneff Card Terms or of these Cashback Terms.

6.2. If cashback is to be recovered from you by us you acknowledge, confirm and consent that we may recover the pertinent cashback amount from your Moneff account.

6.3. If a cashback amount is recallable or recoverable by us (as explained above) the amount of cashback may be reflected as a negative value (with a minus sign ‘-’).

7. Other Applicable Terms

7.1. Any personal data processed or controlled by us will be dealt with in line with Moneff's Privacy Policy.

7.2. We may cancel this Cashback Promotion, or change these Cashback Promotion Terms, or its duration at any time without a prior notice. Any changes to these Cashback Terms so made do not affect your rights, if you have already participated in the Cashback Promotion.

7.3. Applicants for previous promotions whose submitted applications were put on hold will be eligible to receive cashback or other benefits on the terms of the respective promotions.

7.4. You acknowledge and accept that events beyond the control of Moneff may occur that render the awarding of the cashback impossible. In the case of such events beyond Moneff's Control, Moneff will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control.

7.5. These Promotion Terms are published in English and any translation into other languages that may be provided is for information purposes only. This English language version of these Promotion Terms shall prevail over any translated text of the Promotion Terms. The English version shall be used in any legal proceedings.

7.6. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Cashback Terms shall be dealt with as provided for in Moneff Terms and Conditions.

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