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Sanjar Mavlyanov
CEO, Founder and Executive Board Member

Before establishing Moneff, Sanjar was a Director at Avent Consulting, providing tailored services in Compliance, AML, and licensing for EMIs and the e-Gaming industry. He was also a Chief Legal Officer for an International - both offshore and EU based - B2B Online gaming company. Sanjar provided direct consultancy for many regulated companies in Finance, Gaming in Compliance and AML for more than 15 years.

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Dilshod Mikmanov
CFO, Co-founder and Executive Board Member

Moneff’s co-founder and now Chief Financial Officer Dilshod has 20 years of experience in financial services and auditing at global accounting giant, KPMG. Prior to that, Dilshod stood as a Lead Finance Manager at PIC, a pension insurance company, for 6 years. He’s a member of ICAEW, global professional body for chartered accountants, and a board member of Microcredit bank.

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John Burns
Non Executive Director, Board member

John Burns, a 42-year veteran in retail banking and payments, shaped industry regulations from inception to implementation. As the Compliance Advisor at Lloyds Bank, he led pivotal projects and earned 'Best Compliance Consultant' at the 2019 Compliance Register Platinum Awards. His extensive experience includes pivotal roles at Compliancy Services, the Financial Services Authority, APACS, and Clydesdale Bank PLC.

Executive team

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Bakhtiyor Aliev
Head of Operation

Bakhtiyor has led business operations in financial services, oil & gas, and FMCG industries in Europe and South East Asia for 16 years. Prior to his role in Moneff, Bakhtiyor was the Head of Operations at JST Group, a global leading oil & gas corp in South East Asia. He was also a General Manager at Aurora Media, and previously owned Sytorx Ltd.

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Otabek Nuritdinov
Head of Business Development and Marketing

Otabek has more than 15 years of experience in a range of business and economic disciplines, including marketing, auditing and financial services, at one time working with one of the big four global accounting firms. Otabek was an Internal Auditor at Mitsui Bussan Commodities, and previous to that, was part of the Audit team at Deloitte, working his way up from Associate to Manager.

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George Mavchun
Chief Technology Officer

Spanning trading, payments, crypto and more, George joins Moneff with more than 15 years of IT experience in the financial services sector. He was Lead Software Developer at Cognitive Finance Technologies, Lead Java Developer at Crystal Service and Software Developer at Lanit-Tercom before stepping into his role within the team.

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Saidolim Djuraev
IT Operations Manager

Saidolim’s IT career began at Mobile Link Services as an IT director in 2007, where he built a ‘web payment system’ for mobile phones from scratch. Three years later, Saidolim continued his career as the Head of IT at National Engineering Technologies. Saidolim was also the senior lecturer of Computer Science at Moscow State University and Tashkent State University of Law before joining Moneff in 2019.

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Konstantinos Vogiatzis
Head of Risk & Compliance

Konstantinos is an experienced Compliance Officer in Compliance Program building and management, particularly in fintech firms. Konstantinos is holding an MBA, MSC and BSC and has done academic research in Compliance and Data Science for the financial sector.

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