Multi-currency business accounts for small businesses

Free accounts for the UK SMEs, sole traders, freelancers and consultants

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Manage multiple currencies from one account


GBP account

  • IBAN
  • Sort code
  • Account number

Get your own UK account number and sort code and accept same-day payments straight from your British customers’ bank accounts

  • Accept and make GBP payments in real time via UK Faster Payments
  • Pay out from GBP into 150 + international currencies via SWIFT
  • Direct debits, CHAPS and BACS options available

EUR account

  • IBAN
  • BIC

Reach customers across the EU with an IBAN in your own name

  • EUR account with individual IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code
  • Local payments via SEPA and TARGET
  • Pay out from EUR into 150 + international currencies via SWIFT

Other major currencies

  • IBAN
  • BIC

Open accounts in other major currencies such as USD, CHF, AUD, SGD and many more

  • Currency account with individual IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code
  • Pay out into 150 + international currencies via SWIFT
  • Payment routing tailored for your needs
Free unlimited local payments
Comprehensive payment networks

A better banking alternative for all your payment needs

  • GBP account with an account number, sort code and IBAN
  • Optional USD, EUR and other IBANs
  • Free transactions between Moneff accounts
  • ​​Free unlimited UK transactions

Quick international payments with competitive FX rates

  • Exchange and pay out in all major currencies
  • With a comprehensive payment network, send money to more than 50 countries
  • Clear and transparent transfer fees

Why you should choose Moneff

Moneff is the financial service provider with the global sense. Thanks to Moneff we could easily set and run our bank accounts from abroad without any hustle, papers and travels to banks. I can’t praise enough what Moneff is doing to enable flawless payment process. Thank you very much.”

Chief Operating Officer


£0 / month
  • Account opening FREE

  • Internal payments FREE

  • GBP local payments £0.50

  • EUR local payments £0.50

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£25 / month
  • Account opening FREE

  • Internal payments FREE

  • GBP local payments FREE

  • EUR local payments FREE

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Custom pricing

We offer custom rates tailored for companies with large payment needs or for unique businesses with unique models that don’t fit our eligibility criteria.

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*These prices are applicable only to the UK registered limited companies with simple ownership structures, UK registered sole traders and freelancers. These prices are subject to our risk assessment as part of your on-boarding. These prices are not guaranteed and if you don’t meet the criteria, we will offer you bespoke rates based on your business model. Learn more

One account - one payment solution

Say goodbye to fragmented finances with Moneff.

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