3 Ways Using a QR Code Could Shift Your Business

Payments 23 March 2022
3 Ways Using a QR Code Could Shift Your Business


When it comes to accessibility and ease, the QR code reigns. But it isn't only the hospitality and consumer market that can benefit from the technology.

Far from a new technology, you've heard of the QR code and its wide-ranging uses, from personal to professional. A unique set of pixels, QR codes store massive amounts of data which can be read through smartphone cameras - or most other devices for that matter.

The QR code has seen a renewed growth in popularity in recent years, partly as a result of pandemic restrictions. It provided an attainable way to maintain business whilst also maintaining social distancing measures.

But despite these unavoidable benefits, many businesses - especially in the B2B world - still aren't unlocking the potential of the technology.

Here's why implementing a QR code could boost your business and make your customer/client experience better than ever.


Receiving payments

A key benefit for any business, your QR code can make it simpler than ever to receive payments from customers and merchants alike.

While the process varies slightly depending on whether you are creating a customer-facing or merchant-facing code, the premise is the same. The code provides an instant gateway with which to send or request payments, completely shifting how your business completes transactions.


Boosting your outreach

This is for the marketers out there: including a QR code on your marketing and promotional materials can do wonders for your brand.

Not only can direct your traffic to a specific webpage, video or CTA, increasing your SEO efforts, but by using your code on posters, in magazines or other experiential materials, you're providing a simple, convenient and immediate way for prospective clients to find out more.


Measurable outcomes

If you won't take our word for it, you can see the data for yourself. Creating QR enables you to accurately track clicks and leads in a way that was once incredibly challenging, at the least.

Because you can include your unique code across all of your business materials, you'll be able to view detailed performance information like never before, connecting your print and digital materials. And the potential here is fairly sophisticated. 


The final word

Ultimately, QR codes build on a vital aspect of transaction behaviour: touchless technology. In a society where contactless payments aren't only the norm, they're the recommended (at least for now), the expectation is to create a similar experience in the way we do business. 

QR codes are not only a safe way of bringing interest to your business, but they're an instantly recognisable call-to-action which begs attention and interest. Plus, most codes can be tailored to your brand, meaning they don't need to be simple black and white pixels if you don't want them to. In fact, they can look pretty exciting.



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